Reporting office of Hans Stork Betriebsgesellschaft mbH
The company has commissioned the law firm PARK | Wirtschaftsstrafrecht., there lawyer Dr. Tobias Eggers,  to set up and operate this whistleblower system and to act as ombudsperson. You can use this indepentent chanel to submit information if, in connection with your professional activities or in the run-up to your professional activities, you have received information about violations pursuant to Section 2 of the HinSchG.

You can also submit information on human rights or environment-related risks or violations of human rights or environment-related obligations under the LkSG via the Reporting Office.
The Rules of Procedure in the current version can be found here.

If you submit a tip via our whistleblowing system, it will be received directly and exclusively by Tobias Eggers. In this video, Tobias Eggers presents the tasks of the ombudsman.

How the system protects you:
  • The system protects the confidentiality of the identity of the persons referred to in § 8 of the HinSchG, i.e. above all that of the person providing the tip-off.
  • Your report will be recorded completely anonymously if you so wish. 
  • All information is encrypted end-to-end, so your sensitive information is safe.

What topic would you like to report on?

The following categories should help you to find the right contact person. This reporting channel is for all offences according to § 2 HinSchG (offences which are punishable or irregular and, in addition, certain offences against some, specific federal or state laws and directly applicable legal acts of the EU and the European Atomic Energy Community).

Violations of the LkSG can be reported under "Human rights or environmental risks/violations".

If you cannot find your subject explicitly, please select "Other offences under § 2 HinSchG".

If your report does not fall under the scope of the HinSchG or the LkSG and another contact person is responsible for your case, you will receive confidential feedback.